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Indestructable Imaging Table Pad

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  • A must for all radiology, ER and ICU patient handling applications. We can except all Military and Government invoices/ orders, under $2,000 Acronym, DMS: Durable Medical Equipment
Six double stitched strap handles and a slick “Gortex” type cover permit easy one-person handling of patients on the X-ray table.  The ITP also makes transfers from bed to gurney to table easier on your patients and your personnel.

One inch polyurethane foam provides extra patient comfort by insulating from cold, hard table surfaces and its non-stick cover gives comfort in humid conditions.

  • High Density 1″ Polyurethane Foam Insures  Patient Comfort
  • Gortex Type Cover Is Impervious To Liquid Penetration & Colorfast 
  • Allows Clorox Antibacterial Cleaning
  • Sealed Seams For Added Protection
  • Nylon Hook Eyes for Easy Hanging Storage
  • Strong and Light Weight
  • One Year Warranty Against Tearing and Splitting
  • Custom Orders are Welcome
  • Quantity Discounts On Request
  • Available in Black and Navy Blue

Hand Engineered Table Pads for Ultrasounds, CTs, MRIs and Pet Scans
Our table pad mattresses are engineered beyond manufacturers’ acceptable tolerances of wear and radiation absorption levels and are water-tight, spill proof and flame retardant.

We make only one grade pad: “The best in the industry “

Specifications for 1″Indestructible Table Pads – Ultrasound and Xray Table Pads
  • Cover Material = 420 millimeter extruded Teflon 100% water-proof
  • Insert is B2535 Peach high density polyurethane 1″ thick flame retardant
  • Foam handles are 6″ nylon double stitched 300# weight capacity
  • Seams sewn with #16 poly thread then sealed with methyl cello solve to ensure water tightness
  • Final Teflon spray on cover to further enhance stain resistance and liquid penetration
  • Cover material treated to meet or exceed CPAI-84 fire retardant specifications
  • Less than 4% beam attenuation per 1″ pad
  • X-ray Table Pad without Handles or Rings 28″ X 72″
Pre-made Pads for following manufacturers: 
Standard Neuro S.P. G.E. Picker Fischer Phillips
Cardiac Toshiba GE CT Phillips CT Siemens CT Picker
Industrial Grade Pads – Pre-made ( Please Call for Pricing )

Neuro S.P. Pad 
Phillips Picker

Phillips Picker

Spectrum Cradle 
Phillips C.T.
Siemens C.T.
Picker C.T.

E.C.T. Pad with Velcro

Our pads are guaranteed to meet or exceed your requirement!

We now accept Credit Cards for Table Pad orders, via Intuit

Size / Catalog Number / Color Availability /Price / Shipping and Handling

25” x 81” x 1” / 25811 / Navy Blue or Black / $300 / $20

28” x 72” x 1” / 28721 /Navy Blue or Black /$290 / $20

24” x 72” x 1” / 24721 / Navy Blue or Black / $280/ $20


Some orders maybe on back order

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We now accept Credit Cards for Table Pad orders, via Intuit

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