C-Arms / Pain Management

Diagnostic Imaging Sales, LLC understands that surgery and imaging centers, pain management clinics and hospitals of all sizes are feeling the pain of this economy.  Everyone is struggling to balance budgets that keep getting smaller and smaller in this fraught economy.  Many have chosen our re-manufactured C-Arm’s to be a perfect solution to their tight and shrinking budgets.  You would purchase a pre-owned automobile, right?  So, think outside the box…Our Refurbished C-Arms are above OEM operating and quality standards.  They have to be, pre-owned equipment has to go through extreme testing and FDA regulations.  We have to be above normal standards!

All of our engineers are fully qualified and perform to exceed OEM certified standards. They ensure that all aspects of a refurbished unit are completed.

Here are the basics to our re-manufacturing process.

  •  Functions & options are checked based on installed package
  •  Function & condition of controls, buttons & switches are verified
  •  All keypads are evaluated for condition & functionality
  •  All monitors are removed & replaced with refurbished monitors
  •  The filters, fans & covers are cleaned
  •  Plugs, power & interconnect cables are inspected
  •  Condition & functionality of cameras & printers are verified
  •  All patient data & error logs are removed from the system
  •  The workstation is cleaned and painted

  •  Boot & Shoot – functionality of system is checked & verified
  •  Image quality is checked & verified
  •  X-ray calibration, tracking &nd dose is verified
  •  Collimator is checked for function & verified
  •  Main battery packs are replaced
  •  Mechanical movements (brakes, steering, etc.) are cleaned & verified
  •  System is cleaned, sterilized & painted
  •  All maintenance procedures performed
  •  Wheels, clamshells, cables, & all outer surfaces are cleaned


  •  Full system functionality is verified
  •  System esthetics & paint (stickers) are checked & verified
  •  All image quality checks are verified
  •  All x-ray calibrations are verified
  •  System configuration is verified
  •  Packaged for shipping as required for safest transportation

Keep in mind; we purchase older C-Arms and ALL imaging equipment of all modalities.  If you have imaging equipment that is underutilized or in storage, let us know. We will be happy to provide you an offer based on fair market value.  We re-manufacture or refurbish equipment, so let us buy your unused equipment.  We’re here to help you save money.  Most of all help you give your patients the utmost quality care that they deserve, at a fraction of the cost to you!

Please keep in mind, Inventory moves daily.

Tel:  732-581-7930

e-Mail: affordable-imagingsolutions@outlook.com

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