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Diagnostic Imaging Sales is led by Marilyn Jaccard, CEO & President.  Ms. Jaccard has 26 years of experience in the imaging field. Ms. Jaccard works closely with large industry leaders, international clients and has a vast network and knowledge of all makes and models of all modalities. This deep understanding of the infrastructure of the imaging industry helps Ms. Jaccard work with domestic privately owned imaging centers, rural clinics, pain management clinics and supplying emerging nations desperately in need of upgrading or purchasing quality life saving imaging equipment at affordable prices.

Our renovated website at diagnosticimagingllc.com is broader in scale and allows visitors to be participatory to make comments, ask questions or find out more about all our new products on the market,  fair market appraisal and resale of underutilized equipment and items, Inventory and ready to ship equipment. 
And Our Indestructible Imaging Table pads for all imaging and ER departments and Military and VA Hospitals.

In addition, the tabs for Legislative Action and Internet Reform are in response to the cable and Internet nightmare the company experienced earlier this spring and summer. Ms. Jaccard and her company were hit hard by the promises made by these companies and the technological truth of their services. “The small business owners in our country are at risk from many of the services we depend on for our business survival. The communications giants can and will take away the ability for many of us to earn a living by their promises and the reality of their capabilities. This needs to be changed and regulated.” Damaging information on the Internet needs to be regulated as well.  Like credit reports, how long should FALSE bad press stay on the Internet of a person or company?   Individuals should have a Forum or “go to site” to assist in correcting or eliminating the information of a company or individual that is misleading or damaging their reputation or livelihood.   In closing Ms. Jaccard states:

 “My personal mission and the mission of this company is to keep your business for years, not just during the time of the sale”, Ms. Jaccard said of the mission statement of Diagnostic Imaging Sales. “Our vision statement is very similar; ‘To cultivate long term relationships based on trust, loyalty and mutual respect, not solely based on the bottom line.”

                                                            VISION STATEMENT:

“To cultivate long term relationships based on trust, loyalty and mutual respect; not for a short term interaction solely based on the bottom line, and transparency in all transactions.”

                                                           MISSION STATEMENT:

“Diagnostic Imaging Sales believes in transparency in transactions and in keeping your business for years; by providing our clients with quality service, confidence in the purchase process and excellent customer support not just during the time of the current transaction,  but in future relationships regardless of a sale.”
Marilyn Jaccard/CEO
Myra Reyes/CFO-Latin American Sales
Diagnostic Imaging Sales, LLC
Tel:: 732-581-7930

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