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Legislative Action and Internet Reform:
Welcome to Diagnostic Imaging Legislative pages dedicated to change, regulation and reform of the Internet Service Providers and telecommunication giants. I believe in transparency in businesses and the ISPs are not an exception to ethical and fair business practices; like me, you are probably unaware the ISPs are unregulated and not monitored in any way. Attempts have been to control the telecommunications companies that wield the power of the Internet but to date, nothing has materialized.

Why Internet Reform?

There are no regulatory agencies or commissions to watch over them. Unlike the telecommunications companies that own, operate and sell the services, their contracts, charges and territories are not reviewed by any official federal department and only a handful of states have attempted to form agencies, many with no results.

  • Internet providers sell services at incredibly high prices and provide mediocre or poor service.  Comcast was ranked the worst in customer service
  • Promise capabilities that they cannot provide. Bandwidth, broadband speed, HD speed, download speed and the number of broadcast emails sent from a business has all been grossly overstated.
  • These impossible offers are key sales tools to promote these so called “special package deals”. The consumer are mislead and the services are not fully explained until after the technology is in your office/home and you sign their contract. What if you don’t accept the terms of the agreement; will they pull the equipment out?

My business was a victim of various Internet actions and we suffered disastrous consequences. Trying to resolve my service issues at both well-known providers was impossible.
In addition:
  • A lack of accountability at every level
  • No managerial intervention to explain or correct my series of issues.
  • No reimbursement for hours of my time, lost business and sales
  • I lost two valued employees.
  • I was charged for tech support in trying to close accounts, fix email snafus on their end and I finally got rid of ghost accounts from opposing carries which also caused interference in e-mail delivery.

We lost clients during this time, but we never stopped trying to connect to and reach out to each one of you. To those of you that followed my blogs of these insane snafus; thank you for reading and supporting me. I tried to make them entertaining and find some humor from a very bad situation. I believe it is beneficial to get my story out there. This is by no means meant to be a political campaign, we are seeking reform for the protection of the staggering 99.7% of small business in the US essential to the economic growth of this Country.  ISP’s should not be able to cripple a business and NOT be held accountable.

The communications giants have the power to put us all out of business and to halt our ability to earn a living by the Internet.  Our country cannot continue to grow if the ISP’s thwart the day to day commerce with constant costly interruptions that can last for months, and unacceptable incompetent technical support.

I share my story in hopes of making this a nationwide Legislative Bill; an individual’s right to make a fair living, if that right is infringed upon or hindered by known or unknown malice, misrepresented or awful services received from the service provider, knowingly or unknowingly causes catastrophic monetary consequences, compensation to the customer will commence no later than 90 days to preserve the livelihood(s) of these small business’s

Through the 6 month of on-again-of-again service, our company struggled, but like the Phoenix, we have risen from the ashes.  We’re stronger, educated and determined to make a difference through legislative reform via New Jersey Bill A2055 ( or HR 5353 introduced by Representatives Ed Markey and Chip Pickering in 2008 ( Your state may have bills similar to this one or you may have a champion for Internet reform in your state.  Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Internet reform is preventative.  Don’t we all wish our country had a preventive oil-spill plan when BP fouled the Gulf of Mexico? This Bill is on the same latitude; I and many other business owners see an Internet disaster just waiting to happen.  No one should be allowed to contractually charge for sporadic or non existing services that have disrupted or destroyed ones livelihood(s) plus, they can deny Internet access to you if you refuse to pay for bad or untrue services.  Like BP, these ISP’s & Telecommunication companies throughout the country need to be legally held accountable and for quick and fair financial reimbursement for small business to reestablish/rebuild their business & livelihood(s).

ISP’s & Telecommunication companies are one in the same and it states so in the above links.  If we all speak out nationwide, one letter to your Senator or your district Legislator statistically represents 500 votes!  Imagine if they received thousands upon thousands of letters/voices for reform.  No politician wants to lose their cushy publicly elected positions.  We have included at the bottom of the page all Senators and Legislators in each state and a sample letter if you are not sure what to write or if you agree of its contents, please write your lawmakers.  It will take 5 minutes and can make a difference now and for generations ahead.

We already submitted or revisal of Bill A2055 to the NJ Legislation.  It is now in the hands of the NJ Assemblymen/women and they are in the process of amending it because we spoke out, produced cognitive truthful research and proof of lost revenue, well over $350,000 by now, and I had to lay-off employees.  This is too huge to ignore.  I hope you’ll be a part of our campaign.  Small business need their lawmakers help to ensure the stability and economic growth with protection from ISP’s that reverse this process with blatant disregard to the damages they leave in their wake.
Respectfully submitted,

Marilyn Jaccard
Diagnostic Imaging Sales, LLC

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