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Diagnostic Imaging Sales, LLC is a provider and buyer of pre-owned radiological and diagnostic imaging equipment and distributors to rural areas in the U.S. small hospital facilities, private practices and to facilities, doctors and service groups in South America and Mexico.   We have a wide variety of Pre-Owned Mammography, Ultrasound equipment,  CT and MRI* Systems, Portables, Rad and Rad/Fluoro Suites We handle all types of high-end, mid-range and low-end x-ray systems.  We are always looking for quality sources to purchase all modalities of imaging equipment, including, refurbished medical equipment from: hospitals, clinics, imaging centers, private offices.  We purchase from other Dealers and Wholesalers as well.  WE PURCHASE ALL OEM’s WITH DOM 1999 & UP: CT SCANNERS, SMALL RAD ROOMS & MAMMOGRAPHY, PET/CT, ULTRASOUNDS, CARDIOLOGY CATH LABS, +++
How we operate is simple; if you accept our offer, we send in a technician to inspect the equipment, and upon satisfactory inspection we pay full purchase price via certified funds or wire transfer.  If the equipment is not available for removal for more than 15 days, we will give you a 10% deposit to secure the equipment.  The remaining payment is provided based on your schedule; we will professionally handle all the details of de-installation, removal and shipping of the equipment.  These services are provided at NO EXPENSE to you.
If you are seeking a trusted outlet for your refurbished medical equipment through a well established company, please contact us. We have helped thousands of facilities over the years, either removing surplus diagnostic imaging equipment or trading in their current equipment to upgrade.  Diagnostic Imaging Sales, LLC always provides fair market value.  We have an established U.S. and International network of thousands of buyers and sellers that enables us to offer very competitive pricing.  We also buy for stock!  We strive for the optimum in customer satisfaction and are more than happy to supply references upon request.
Diagnostic Imaging Sales, LLC has a reputation in the industry as being fair and responsible to both buyers and sellers alike. We strongly believe it is not about the bottom line; instead we strive for long term business relationships that will build loyalty and trust for many years.  Our Owner/President, Marilyn Jaccard, is personally available to each and every client and may be reached at anytime; just call 732-581-7930.  With 30 years experience in the imaging industry and a solid Network of Clients, we are able to offer top dollar for your diagnostic imaging equipment and we buy for stock!  We offer shipping and crating services as well as export to all major ports on the globe!  We also offer certified and Re-Furbished Equipment.  Let us help you, whether you are starting up a new imaging center, expanding an existing one or want to sell your existing diagnostic imaging equipment; our experts will help meet both your clinical and financial requirements. We look forward to hearing from you and being of service to you.

Please contact us anytime with any questions or for a quote. We are here for you!

Marilyn Jaccard/President-CEO
Myra Reyes/Latin American Sales
Diagnostic Imaging Sales, LLC
Palm City, FL 34990
Tel: 732-581-7930


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